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2022 | Thriller | UA 15+
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"The tragic death of 6 members of Businessman Chandi Das family has been in headlines of newspaper and TV. The news spread in the city in lightening speed. Everyone has the same question weather it is murder or suicide. The administration on high alert. Both ruling party and opposition blame each other. Public protest on a large scale on failure of police investigation. Considering the seriousness of the case , the CM handover further investigation to Anubhav Sarangi. Investigation went on and many things get unfolded. But it takes time to reach to the main accused. Anubhab entangled in spider web . His family and his life is at risk. But he never afraid of on these threats and never give up. He tried to reach to the main culprit with full dedication."


Biranchi Nayak, Ragini Sutradhar, Bidusmita, Badal Mohanty, Udit Guru, Kailash Panigrahi, Prasant Patra, Satabdi Suryasnata, Bibhudendu Kar, Sai, Ankit, Naina, Barada, Jyoti, KD


Dhrubananda Panda