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Gangs Of Puri

Odia | Crime

"In the pilgrimage town of Puri in the 90s, a Bengali hotelier comes to the local MLA Raja Bahinipati with a proposal to set up a new hotel in the fisherman's village by displacing the locals. But their plan comes to a halt when they find out that the place comes under the local Sahi Crime Lord aka Robinhood of Puri, Babu Jena. This ignites an age old rivalry and soon a bloody feud breaks out between local gangs of Babu Jena, Nilu, and Loka Nana. The sacred town of Puri soon turns into a battlefield. Among all these local tussles, a regular Puri guy Shiva, accidentally gets involved and rises to prominence as the new Nana. But soon he realizes that to be the Nana (Kingpin) you have to take a Dana (Bullet)."


KK, Aman, Choudhary Jayprakash Das, Rabi Narayan Mishra, Hara Rath, Ankita Mohanty, Soni, Susanta Dashmohapatra, Bhabesh Behera, Namita Bhattacharya, Mamata Manjari Panda, Udit Guru, Rakesh Parida, Pranab Prasanna Rath, Mayank, Anjana Dash, Bhakti, Soumya, Sameek, Umakanta, Niranjan Acharya, Bhavani


Anupam Patnaik and Jagdish Mishra